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Afbeelding bij agendaitem: 'The Delray Rockets UK'
20nov 2015

The Delray Rockets UK

Vrijdag 20 november 2015, van 21:00 uur tot 23:55 uur.

The Delray Rockets waren in 2013 ook al eens te gast op het kleine podium. Vandaag komen de heren dat eens dunnetjes overdoen!

Entree: gratis / Aanvang: 22:00

The Delray Rockets are a 3 piece Rock’a’Billy Band hailing from Central England U.K, formed by a group of Rock’a’Billy renegades wanting to push Rock’a’Billy to another level, or “Up a gear”… to coin a phrase.. They felt the Music scene needed a new band with a driving force but an old familiar sound, so they formed this 3 piece outfit to prove their point.. The Delray Rockets music has a strong ’50′s Influence, but with a very modern style, although not taking away the roots from the original Rock’a’Billy feel to the sound. A Delray Rockets gig is an electric high energy show, with twists and turns to its music featuring a full powered stage show. They play kick ass music with a serious attitude.. a Delray Rockets gig is full of energy and good fun, you’ll leave feeling exhausted from the energy these guys exude. The Delray Rockets…Once seen never forgot!!!…. aldus The Delray Rockets! 

Locatie: Stationsweg 4
Organisator: JC Elektra

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